How Was Your Winter?

People always ask, what do you do in the winter? Well, I can’t say we went from Tucson to Tucumcari, but we did cover a lot of ground in pursuit of great wines and the best vintage!
January Travels for Mark and I began in Napa Valley, visiting old friends and making new ones on winery visits and at our favorite restaurants…hello Bouchon & Bistro Jeanty! I can report that new cave burrowed into the mountain at Francis Ford Coppola’s Inglenook property is spectacular, diving into the wine list at the French Laundry is intimidating and the first vintage of Larkin rosé is terrific. 
Onward to San Francisco, Santa Cruz and LA, where Savannah joined me for an intense few days of hunting that resulted in trip after trip to FedEx ground. Next to Palm Springs and Arizona, then popping up to the Rogue Valley in Oregon, home of fabulous Pinots and the best blue cheese we have ever had—Coming soon to CV ;) Savannah shopped Ohio and did trade tastings in NYC while I made the rounds in NC…and the result is our most fabulous collection of wine + vintage EVER!
- Beth