Dominique Demarville, Chef du Cave Veuve Clicquot, at currentVintage

Nantucket Wine Fest is very special to me.  My husband been an organizer since the very beginning and through NWF, I have met amazing people, sipped oh-so-fine wine and had some incredible experiences…

Great Wines in Grand Homes Burgundy dinners…DRC & Comte de Vogue with Eric Asimov at La Fete…divine wine & cheese pairings with Ihsan Gurdhal…a Hospices de Beaune luncheon with Anthony Hanson…all epic on my scale.

Each winter, we are on the road for weeks visiting winemakers from Sonoma to Barcelona, and now, we have the great pleasure of welcoming many friends on our home turf.

cV positivley throbs with excitement this week!  We are hosting:  Lynanne & Pablo Nyarady of Trifecta Wines, Erni Loosen & Jay Somers of Dr. Loosen & J. Christopher wineries, Hervé Birnie-Scott & Cheval des Andes, and, as always, a Veuve Clicquot champagne tasting with Dominique Demarville, Chef du Cave.  Yes, I love NWF!

cV_wine_fest M Louzada nwf 2012

Manuel Louzada, Bodega Numanthia, at cV

So much happens in those few fabulous days of clinking, drinking, dining & discovery that it takes us a year to post our pics!  Now, as NWF 2015 fast approaches, we are looking back at last year and getting excited yet again, for this world class event that takes place on our island.

NWF Harbor Gala 2014

NWF Harbor Gala 2014