"Crime Scene" snack provided by Chef Lydia Shire at NWF Gala 2013, courtesy Gene Mahon

Denis EE MD NWF 2013 TP

NWF Founder, Denis Toner w/ Elisabeth of currentVintage & husband Mark Donato, Nantucket Wine Festival Grand Tasting 2013

NWF 2014!!

Today begins the 2014 Nantucket Wine Festival.  As always, we are terribly excited for the opening champagne toast and the events to come, such as seminars with Eric Asimov, wine critic for the NY Times, and  Ihsan Gurdal of Formaggio Kitchen in Boston & NYC.  The Harbor Gala is 4 hours of food & wine, including great restaurants from near and far…We are psyched for bites from L’Apicio from NYC, O Ya in Boston & Nantucket’s The Pearl paired with wines from the likes of Faiveley, Yves Cuilleron, Cos d’Estournel & Francois Villard.  We look forward to seeing Carissa Mondavi and the latest release from Continuum and everything Maria & Robert Sinskey are pouring…

We are so delighted to host Pablo & Lynanne Nyarady of Trifecta Wines, Dominique Demarville of Veuve Clicquot and Manuel Louzada of Numanthia at in store tastings this Friday at cV!  They will be showing the best of their best, including TRIFECTA Cabernet Sauvignon 2010, VCP La Grande Dame 2004 and Termanthia 2010.

We are jazzed for our cV table at The NWF Grand Tastings, serving an all star cast of cheese & rosé from around the world + showing off our Vintage accessories & Home goods.  NWF says the grand tastings are ‘the heart & soul of the NWF’ and we are thrilled to be a part.


Large format welcome at NWF La Fête!

We anticipate La Fete like children await Christmas–last year was truly exhilarating and this year should be no less.  JAYER, Comte de Vogué, LARGE format…I hope our ’83 Magnum Of Chateau Mouton-Rothschild shows well.  At a minimum, we can all appreciate the Saul Steinberg label…

It is an epic five days each year.  If you are on island, please stop by!  If not, start planning for next year!


Carissa Mondavi of Continuum, w/ (my husband) Mark Donato of NWF


currentVintage Veuve Clicquot window NWF 2013

Pierre Casenave cv vcp NWF 2013 TP

Pierre Casenave, Veuve Clicquot winemaking team, pouring at cV


NY Times wine critic Eric Asimov with Chablis winemaker Christian Moreau at NWF La Fete, courtesy Gene Mahon


Chrisitan Moreau & Brett Marcy of Frederick Wildman at NWF Grand Tasting 2013

J&S, EE vcp pearl nwf 2013 TP

Champagne Jack Cooperstein & Mrs. Champagne Jack at VCP party at The Pearl, Nantucket; courtesy Terry Pommett photography

md ee dt st La Fete nwf 2013 TP

Mark Donato, Elisabeth, Denis & Susan Toner, NWF La Fete 2013

Winemakers cV sign nwf 2013 TP

Winemakers hanging out at cV, NWF 2013

Francois Villard NWF gala

Francois Villard at NWF Harbor Gala


Jim Finkel & Elisabeth English, NWF La Fete 2013, courtesy Gene Mahon


NWF La Fete 2013

Cesare cv NWF 2013 TP

Cesare Casella of Salumeria Rosi NYC at currentVintage; courtesy Terry Pommett photography


Elisabeth, Cesare Casella, Siobhan, NWF Opening Party 2013, courtesy Gene Mahon

NWF 2011 Cflynn

NWF Grand Tasting, courtesy Gene Mahon

Cesare carving VCP cV NWF 2013 TP copy

Chef Cesare Casella & Veuve Clicquot event at cV; courtesy Terry Pommett photography

Elisabeth with Bob Lindquist, owner Qupé Vineyards, NWF La Fete 2013

Elisabeth with Bob Lindquist, owner Qupé Vineyards, NWF La Fete 2013