2According to cV Sommelier Jenny Benzie (Founder of Pour, Sip, Savor! Sommelier Services), here are 3 Ghastly Mistakes To Avoid If You Are Hosting A Wine Tasting…

So, you’ve invited a group of friends over, everyone is bringing a bottle and you want to make sure your wine tasting event occurs without any ‘flaws.’  Below are a few mistakes to avoid if you are hosting a wine tasting event to ensure you get a ‘Gold Medal!’

Dirty glassware can cause your wine tasting event to go from ‘Brilliant’ to ‘Dull.’  Here are a few tips to ensure clean glasses:

  • Don’t just pull the glasses from your cabinet or a box – they will have a stale, cardboard smell.
  • Don’t wash your glasses with soapy water – this can leave a film.
  • Never use a paper towel to dry your glasses – this will leave an ‘off’ odor in the glass (and lint!).
  • Rinse your glasses with warm water and gently dry by hand with a polishing cloth.

How can you identify what’s in the glass with distracting smells all around you?  Here are a couple of ideas to keep your wine tasting area odor-free:

  • Do not burn any candles or have plug-in air fresheners in the room.
  • Ask your guests (and you!) to refrain from wearing perfume, cologne, after-shave or other scented personal products.
  • Do not use chemicals or scented cleaning products on the table where you will be tasting.

While some like ‘hot’ tea or ‘iced’ coffee, seldom do they like ‘warm’ white wine or ‘too cold’ red wine.  Some helpful information on correct temperatures to serve wine:

  • Champagne and Sparkling wines: 41-45 degrees F
  • Lighter, more delicate whites: 45-50 degrees F; Heavier white wines: 50-55 degrees F.
  • Lighter style reds: 55-59 degrees F; Full-bodied reds: 59-64 degrees F

It is easier to ‘warm’ a wine by cupping the glass in your hands than it is to ‘chill’ the wine by diluting it with ice cubes (gasp!).

That’s it for the tips. I hope you’ve found them helpful.  Remember, wine tasting should be an enjoyable experience and hopefully this advice will help you in preparing your own event!