At currentVintage, we love it when our customers tell us how much they have enjoyed something they bought from us–whether it is clothing, wine, cheese or home goods!  When they take the time to send us a photo, well, we’re over the moon!  Sometimes people stop in the store wearing a cV purchase, so of course, like a proud parent, we have to snap their picture.  You can see these on the cV Facebook Page, where we have an album entitled “Seen in cV”.   But for those not on facebook, we’ve compiled a little “cV Hall of Fame”…

cV on facebook

lassiter1shoe modelsSherri's daughterlulu in cV Joe Donelanliz hLiza & dateKim In White StagKate Pierson cVIMG_7161IMG_7160IMG_7285IMG_50020906_1568Grace leonardIMG_3683Gussie Diem WillisDuncan & Heather at Opera CupcV jr modelsAmy peayIMG_38381007_0479150871_463369751926_175675146926_6220449_1267525_n