currentVintage Fashion Show for A Safe Place

currentVintage Fashion Show for A Safe Place

Having just attended or hosted or participated in or donated to 20 or so non-profits in the last month, I think I could be diagnosed with the debilitating condition we shall call “benefit burnout”.

Symptons are emotional and physical and include, but are not limited to:

*Confusion over what day it is
*Large drycleaning bills
*A drawer full of gift certificates for random services purchased under duress at silent auctions
*Alcohol poisoning
*Empty checking account

Seriously, I bet Nantucket is rivaled only by New York and Palm Beach in its volume of fundraising and charities, and I say this in the most complimentary way.  It is amazing how many non-profits are supported by this tiny island and its year-round and summer communities.  And a community it is, in no small part due to to the prevalent non-profits!

In the last few weeks, there have been benefits small and large for literally dozens of cultural, health and service organizations. The Nantucket AIDS Network celebrated its 20th Anniversary in Roaring 20s Style.  The Nantucket Artist’s Association hosted a “Surreal” Evening.  The Maria Mitchell Association held “An Evening with the Stars” at their observatory.
And on and on…One fete is more lavish and inventive than the next.

currentVintage is presently involved with THREE non-profit events in 8 days!  The “Flora & Fashion”  Show we did in the garden at Marilyn Whitney’s last Friday was a lovely evening;  instead of just another cocktail party, there was the added pageantry of a fashion show of summer looks on the lawn—everyone there was completely enchanted—something different and a wonderful way to raise funds for A Safe Place!

This week, we’re throwing a party for the Nantucket Tree Fund!
In memory of Martha Walters, a Boston and Nantucket legend and tireless tree advocate, we are staging a rock-n-roll fashion show with Cheryl Fudge and Blu.  There will be hearty apps & beverages and live music—at the beach! How do you beat that for $85?

My vote for the most creative goes to the Nantucket Arts Council.  They’re hosting a “Blind Wine Tasting” in a private home this Saturday, 07/25, and the winner wins a case of wine—6 bottles from the tasting and 6 collectible bottles from currentVintage.  The 50 people who get to participate will have an amazing experience and the NAC will raise $5000 in a few hours.

I am sympathetic of Benefit-Burnout, but that’s no excuse!  These organizations depend on summer fundraisers for a huge chunk (if not all) of their budget.  Only through generosity will the non-profits continue to provide their various services.  When you think about Nantucket without its gorgeous Elm trees, behavioral services or flourishing arts, it looks like a very different place.  I for one, don’t want to go there, so buy tix, show up, have fun and  SUPPORT LOCAL NON-PROFITS!!!