Farrah 1976

There is no more awkward age than 7th grade.  The though of it still makes me squirm a little, more than 30 years later. I was that age in 1976 when Farrah was the pinnacle of pop culture.  Every boy in my class had the iconic Farrah pin-up poster and most of the girls had some sort of hair homage to her signature look.  Charlie’s Angels was the height of beauty cool and replaced The Mod Squad as my ideal for good-looking detectives with great outfits.
At 12 years old, it was impossible for me to imagine growing up at all, let alone becoming a sexy creature like Farrah.  It never occurred to me that she was ever in 7th grade; I just assumed that she had been born in a slinky red maillot.

There are young 12 yr-olds, completely unprepared for teendom,  and worldly 12 yr-olds, going on 20.  I was the former, still shopping in the kids dept, and fascinated by the 8th graders in their tight bootcut jeans and wing-back hair.  One year later, I would come into my own and start developing my personal style, which would include the ubiquitous Calvin Klein jeans, but in 1976-77, Calvin was not yet a household name, and Farrah was.

It is remarkable how a Tri-Delt from Corpus Christi could move to Hollywood, like so many aspiring actors, and hit it so big.  Farrah had her share of talent and success in tv and film early on, but it was the swimsuit poster of 1976 that cemented her fame.  And she wasn’t just the pretty face—Farrah selected that photo from 40 rolls of film (film!) shot that day and it was her taste and prescience that sealed her fate.

One thing I was right about in 7th grade is that I would not grow up to look like Farrah, although I finally, just last month, got my hair cut in “wings”.

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