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currentVintage at Galley Beach Nantucket: Chapter 2!

currentVintage at Galley Beach Nantucket 2013 Our last post featured highlights from the currentVintage Galley Beach & Veuve Clicquot “Wish You Were Here” Fashion Show… However, can there really be too many  photos of beautiful girls (and a guy) in fabu vintage fashions on a beach?! ...

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Summer on Nantucket

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Straight Wharf sunset, Nantucket

Straight Wharf sunset, Nantucket

Summertime on Nantucket…and the living is Busy.

There is an endless calendar of social events, a dizzying number of fine dining destinations–and countless tranquil locations to get away from it all when you need a break.

If you need to know what’s happening, check out Nantucket’s newest website, NantucketChronicle.com.  It is all things Nantucket–Dining, Real Estate, Arts, Wellness, Commerce…There are recipes, a community calendar, restaurant write-ups, photo contests, and so on.   It is becoming a terrific resource, as well as a whole lot of fun!  The recipe below can also be found on NantucketChronicle.com in the Dining section.

The Mahon About Town Social calendar is a comprehensive listing of Island happenings from films to fundraisers to music to tastings.  Reading through it, I am always struck by how many amazing cultural opportunities we have on any given day–even in the dead of winter!

But it’s summer now, so why not enjoy as much the island has to offer as you possibly can, beginning with this perennial favorite from Nantucket chef-author Sarah Leah Chase.  It is a savory mouthful of summer:)

Nantucket double rainbow

Nantucket double rainbow-- More Nantucket photos by http://womaninfield.tumblr.com/


Mahon About Town


“I was first introduced to this simple yet truly irresistible Italian appetizer not in Italy, but on Nantucket where my friend Elena Latici localized a recipe learned from relatives back in Italy by using vine-ripened tomatoes from Bartlett’s Farm and toasted Portuguese bread from the Nantucket Bake Shop. I’ve since had bruschetta many times in the course of travels through Tuscany and can testify this Nantucket version, made in season, is as good as it gets.’–Sarah Leah Chase
3 cups seeded and diced vine-ripened tomatoes

1 tablespoon minced garlic

5 tablespoons slivered fresh basil leaves

1⁄3 cup really good extra virgin olive oil

Sea salt and freshly-ground pepper to taste

6 thick (half- to three-quarter-inch) slices Portuguese bread, either grilled or toasted

Combine the tomatoes, garlic, basil and olive oil in a mixing bowl. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Let marinate at room temperature for 45 minutes.
Place the slices of grilled or toasted bread on six individual salad plates. Spoon the tomato mixture equally over the bread, letting all the wonderful juices soak in. Serve with a knife and fork as an appetizer or antipasto.
Serves 6.

Suggested Pairing:
Merry Edwards Sauvignon Blanc 2011

Flowers and footprints on the beach

Flowers & footprints on the beach

Nantucket Wine Festival 2012

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Elisabeth of cV with Cyril Brun, Veuve Clicquot

Elisabeth of cV with Cyril Brun, Veuve Clicquot

It was an epic blur.  The 16th annual Nantucket Wine Festival began on Wednesday, May 16 with a Veuve Clicquot champagne reception on the deck of the White Elephant hotel on Nantucket Harbor, and persisted day and evening through the Grand tasting on Sunday afternoon.  As wonderful as the festival is each year, it is something to survive as much to enjoy.  I mean, really, how much can one eat and drink?  Each year, I amaze myself…

Dinner Wednesday night at the Pearl bar with my friend Cesare Casella from Salumeria Rosi in NYC.  Thursday Veuve Clicquot poolside luncheon.  Thursday night food & wine gala at the White Elephant followed by Lola 41.  Friday tastings at currentVintage featuring Manuel Louzada of Bodega Numanthia and Cyril Brun, winemaker at Veuve Clicquot.  Sunset glass of Krug with Rubicon/Inglenook winemaker Phillippe Bascaules.  Saturday Grand Tastings at the Nantucket Yacht Club, a store tasting of Donelan Wines plus dinner with wine peeps at Ventuno.  Sunday Hospices de Beaune luncheon with MW Anthony Hanson at Great Harbor Yacht Club and a final Grand tasting.  YOU try to keep up!

Looking back a month later, I can still recall exactly how delicious was the glass of Krug at sunset, the salumi from Cesare with a sip of Clicquot vintage rosé, the kimchi bites from Chef Tom Berry at the gala, the Mazis-Chambertin ‘Cuvee Madeleine Collignon’….because those moments were epic, even if they went by in a blur.

–Elisabeth English, currentVintage

Photos courtesy of Gene Mahon, Nantucket Wine Festival and currentVintage

Nantucket Wine Festival blog

Cyril Brun sabers a bottle of Clicquot!

Cyril Brun sabers a bottle of Clicquot!

Danielle in cV with EE, VCP luncheon

Danielle in cV with EE, VCP luncheon

NWF Gala 2012

NWF Gala 2012