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Nantucket Wine Festival Preview Parties in Boston & NYC

NWF Director Nancy Bean & Philippe Newlin, VINTUS The Nantucket Wine Festival hosted Preview/press parties in Boston and New York this Spring and currentVintage was along for both…The Boston event was held at GRILL 23 on an early April afternoon and was filled with Chefs from around the city...

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Le Jumelage

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Jumelage 2006 - 01

Asst Mayor and Mayor of Beaune with two Nantucket Selectmen

Did you know that Nantucket and Beaune are twinned?

Jumelage means twinning. It is a movement started after WWII to bring together municipalities, in hope of fostering the opportunity to learn more about the daily lives of those in other places, develop a dialogue and possibly enter into joint projects.

Hospice de Beaune

Hospice de Beaune

Fast-forward to 2005, and, thanks to the efforts of Denis Toner, founder of the Nantucket Wine Festival, Beaune and Nantucket are sister cities.  Dismayed at the perpetuation of “Freedom Fries”, Denis approached the Mayor of Beaune with the idea of Jumelage and ceremonies on both continents soon followed.  Inspired by the common culture–an appreciation for fine dining and wine, a respect for history and architecture and a pervasive spirit, to name a few–Denis pioneered the concept and realized it in a celebration of a lifetime over a long weekend in October 2006.

Attended by nearly 50 Nantucketers, I will never forget the moving ceremony in the Hospice de Beaune and the festivities that surrounded it.  The town rolled out the red carpet and we were feted like royalty by all the big guys:  Corton Charlemagne in the caves of Latour, a toast in the ancient-modern maze of Bouchard, another lavish dinner at Jadot, La Paulée (a tented BYOW party) they are still talking about.  Let’s just say, if there’s ever an anniversary bash, you will want to be there.

On the eve of a trip to Beaune, I thought I would post a Jumelage photo album.

Mark & Elisabeth at the 2006 Jumelage of Nantucket and Beaune

Mark & Elisabeth at the 2006 Jumelage of Nantucket and Beaune

Jumelage 2006 - 07Jumelage 2006 - 06Jumelage 2006 - 05Jumelage 2006 - 12Jumelage 2006 - 30

Jumelage 2006 - 29Jumelage 2006 - 19Jumelage 2006 - 17Jumelage 2006 - 09Jumelage 2006 - 16

Jumelage 2006 - 13Jumelage 2006 - 10Jumelage 2006 - 14Jumelage 2006 - 11

Jumelage 2006 - 25Jumelage 2006 - 24Jumelage 2006 - 23

Jumelage 2006 - 31Jumelage 2006 - 28Jumelage 2006 - 18Jumelage 2006 - 04Jumelage 2006 - 32

Anything-But-Basic Black & White

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In the beginning there was black.  Chic, but lazy, black.

Add White.  So timeless, so simple, so minimal, so obvious…So wonderful, that the two inspire and are re-interpreted in myriad ways each season, each year.  Substitute any other neutral and you will have exponential style without sacrificing simplicity and ease.  Here, we offer a few random looks to show how variations on a combo so seemingly subtle can have major dramatic appeal.  Use basic black not so much as a uniform, but as a point of departure…

It’s all right here in black and white (and ivory and leopard and gray and gold).  They are simultaneously basics, classics, standards and trends!




cV CC LBD reflection2

Weekend Vintage Style

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Scott cV sign

Fall on Nantucket…what’s a guy up to?  Here for the weekend…mostly kicking back.  A little shopping,  a little vino.  A little coffee, a little vino.  Walking the dog, a little vino.  A little reading, a little vino.  Maybe the Boarding House, maybe the Chicken Box.

And what’s he wearing?  A handful of laid-back, effortlessly cool shirts and jackets from currentVintage.


IMG_6338Scott--madras shirtIMG_6368IMG_6384IMG_6386