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Ireland: Dingle to Donegal

Dingle Spuds Ennistimon "window" In the last post, I left off with Dingle, the charming town ¾ of the way to the end of the Dingle Peninsula.  Having made our way from Dublin to Dingle over the course of a week, we had stayed in many nice places, eaten out 2-3 meals a day and were basically...

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The Issue of The September Issue: Part One

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SF  Fishermans sweaterFishermans SweaterFall Fashion Week is fast approaching- the biggest week of the year for those in the industry and fashion followers. The phone book-size September Issues have just hit the newsstands and are packed to the gills with trend reports and “must haves.” For many people, this information overload is way too much to handle. Will I get it right? How can I possibly pull off (insert ridiculous runway trend here)?!

Take a deep breath! Trends are meant to inspire you, not enslave you. They are not marching orders, but a point of departure, if you will…

currentVintage is packed with pieces that are right on trend. After all–all great designers look to vintage to inspire their collections. Here we show you how to wear today’s trends in fabulous vintage style.–And we invite you to come in so we can show you personally!

2010 trends turban

Trend Alert: Turbans & Florals

SF  Turban dogSF  Turban best

SF  Blue floral sittingSF  Blue floral wine rack best



So Comfy!



So chic!  So easy!



So Refreshing!



Romantic or Sexy–or Both!

2010 trends brown lace

Trend Alert: Brown Lace

SF  Brown dress finalTREND ALERT:


2010 trends square heels

Trend Alert: Chunky Square Heel

So Vintage!shoes1



Classic + POP!


2010 trends red shoes

Trend Alert: Camel & Red

September to December…

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Actress and cV Model, Sarah Fraunfelder

Sarah Teal Domaine Ott

NOW: A late-summer glass of Rosé before going out...


LATER: Sequin Dress + Burberry Trench & Boots

The changing of the season is upon us and with it, the ambivalence of what to wear.  September in New England can mean temperatures of 75 or 45…one must be prepared for both.  Here we present several pieces that can be enjoyed in the dog days of summer and in the cold weather that is sure to come.  Versatile.  Transitional.  Packable.  September to December.  Now and Later.  Season-less Chic.

Sarah Zandra

NOW: Zandra Rhodes Silk Ensemble + Metallic Accessories


LATER: Jordache & Ray Bans


LATER: Zandra Top + Suede Boot & Satchel


NOW: Italian Designer Bessi vibrant floral Rib-knit trim dress & Pink flower mule


LATER: Bessi dress + Handknit cap & scarf

Atomic Style

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Charles Khan lucite purse

Charles Khan lucite purse, sold


Gray Lucite Barrel Purse, sold

1950s Design…Lucite.  Plastic.  Sputnik.  Eames.  Frank Lloyd Wright.  Mies van der Rohe.  Air Streams.  Aqua!

Blue Lucite

Rare Robin's Egg Lucite Confetti Purse, $795

The 1950s began the age of consumerism, stoked by the American appetite for all that was new and modern.  Nevermind if they were forsaking hardwood for plastic, marble for formica–if it was “modern”, it was good.  Lucite, a plastic developed by DuPont in the 1940s, became the material of choice in, of all areas, 1950s women’s purses.  Designed in New York and Miami they were carried by fashionable women from housewives to movie stars.  Prestigious labels included Charles Khan, Myles, Llewellyn, Rialto and Wilardy.  The prolific Lucite purse styles were influenced by and affected influence on fashion, architecture and modern furniture design, as modernism developed throughout the decade.

Who wants to carry a granite purse, anyway?

Pearlescent Octagonal Lucite Purse, $325

Pearlescent Octagonal Lucite Purse, $325





Aloha, Five-O

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Steve McGarrett

Steve McGarrett

Hawaii of the late 60s & 70s–A little bit of glamour and a lot of kitsch.

Doris Duke's "Shangri-la"

Doris Duke's "Shangri-la"

The glamour bit began earlier with the eccentric heiress Doris Duke and her palace, Shangri La…

Then, the late 60s brought Pan Am 747 flights, the fab hotels of Waikiki, Malia fashions and the reign of  the iconic tv series Hawaii Five-O.  Named after the 50th State, Five-O ran from 1968-1980 and starred Jack Lord as the dreamy Steve McGarrett.  McGarrett and his right-hand man, Danno, fought Chinese organized crime and  multiple felons each episode, with a version of cool merely aspired to by the likes of Miami Vice and CSI:  Miami.  Winner of multiple Emmys and awards, Five-O was filmed almost exclusively in Hawaii and was the longest running detective show until surpassed by Law & Order in the 1990s.

How fitting that, with the return of florals, maxis and the re-luxuriation of Waikiki hotel landmarks, comes a new version of the TV series Hawaii Five-0 this Fall?  It follows the creation of an elite police unit, led by a younger McGarrett, son of the original hunky cop–although it seems unlikely he’ll have as mod a hair-do. Aloha Danno and Five-0!

Hawaii Five-O theme song and opening sequence:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YXfyhqXxf3E&feature=fvw

Watch a Five-O episode:  http://www.imdb.com/video/cbs/vi1875183385/ 5-0 episode

Trailer for the new five-O:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ruKODTVxy3E

1970s Malia of Honolulu

1970s Malia of Honolulu


The Royal Hawaiian Hotel, Waikiki

Hawaii 50 Season 3

MORE Mollydooker!

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Mollydooker "The Leftys"

Mollydooker "The Leftys"

MORE MOLLYDOOKER!  We have had the tiniest allocation the last few years.  First a few bottles of Blue-Eyed Boy, then, a smattering of Leftys.  That was just fine, but now, we want MORE MOLLYDOOKER.  As a reputable wine store with the purest of intentions, we feel that we have been perfectly patient up until now, and with the impending release of the 09s, we are shouting to anyone who will listen that we want MORE MOLLYDOOKER!  Why?  Because the wines are awesome and Sarah & Sparky have double-handedly succeeded in making Left-Handers (ie mollydookers in Australian) super cool!

Here’s the scoop:

*For 12+ years, Sarah & Sparky Marquis (pronounced Mar-kwis) have been making award-winning Australian wines such as Marquis Philips and exclusively Mollydooker since 2005.  This dynamic duo has A.  been awarded the title of Australian Winemakers of the Year  B.  is the only husband and wife winemaking team to receive Mclaren Vale’s prestigious Bushing Award three times  C.  has had five wines in the Wine Spectator “Top 100″  D.  is responsible for crafting four of only 24 Australian wines to receive 99 points from Robert Parker’s The Wine Advocate in the last 10 years  and E.  Have received more Parker 94-99 point scores than any other winemakers in the WORLD!

*Their years of combined experience have resulted in a trademarked system of watering and measuring fruit concentration, as well as their own language in discussing these terms.  The Marquis Vineyard Watering Programme™ focuses on nurturing strong and healthy vines with balanced canopy growth to achieve the most intense fruit flavors possible.  The Marquis Fruit Weight™ refers to the amazing fruit intensity achieved in the vineyard that becomes the wine.  Marquis Fruit Weight™ is the measurement of how far back on your palate you find the “velvet glove” fruit before the structure of the wine is exposed (Measured in percentages since everyone’s tongue is a different length.) The higher the Fruit Weight, the more intense and rich the flavors are in the finished wine.

*They invented the “Mollydooker Shake“.  Is that the latest dance move?  nope.  It is a little maneuver necessary because they use as few sulfites as possible in making the wines. As a result, inert Nitrogen gas, a great preservative, is used during the bottling process as a way to protect the fruit flavor of the wines in the bottle.  The only thing bad about Nitrogen is that it tends to flatten the back end of the round ball of fruit flavor in the wine. By doing the Mollydooker Shake, you release the nitrogen gas and the flavor becomes big and round again!  nitrogen is a great alternative to sulphites normally added to prevent oxidation, as so many people have allergies to sulphites.  Here is a “Mollydooker Shake” tutorial for novices:

Sarah & Sparky Show You How: Watch the Video

*Their labels are clever and fun.  eg The Leftys Series labels (The five wines intended for everyday consumption Now Available at currentVintage) are a tribute to leftys and they all include a tear-off tab so that you don’t have to go through the cumbersome label-soak, just to remember the wine.

Don’t YOU want MORE MOLLYDOOKER?!md_blue_eyed_boy_shz06

2009 “The Violinist” Verdelho, $29

WA:  90 points The current Mollydooker collection begins with the one white wine, the medium straw-colored 2009 Verdelho “The Violinist”. It was partially barrel-fermented and aged on its lees in barrel and tank. It gives up fragrant aromas of toast, baked apple, mango, and other tropical aromas. Creamy textured, round, ripe, and concentrated, this long, tasty wine can be enjoyed over the next 2 years.–Jay Miller, www.erobertparker.com

2008 “The Boxer” Shiraz, $29

WS: 91 points & “Best Buy of the Week”
‘Bright and jazzy, offering an effusive mouthful of cherry, pomegranate and spice flavors that are as aromatic as they are long and vivid. This has density without great weight, and the finish keeps on going…’ – Harvey Steiman, www.winespectator.com

2008 “Two Left Feet” Shiraz/Cabernet/Merlot Blend, $29

WA: 90 points
‘A glass-staining opaque purple color, it emits an enticing aromatic array of sandalwood, Asian spices, incense, blueberry, and blackberry preserves. Dense, sweet, and layered on the palate, it is surprisingly light on its feet despite its size. Concentrated, lengthy, and full-flavored, this wine is all about pleasure…’– Jay Miller, www.erobertparker.com

2008 “The Scooter” Merlot, $29

WA: 90 points
‘..an alluring perfume of cedar, spice box, plum, mulberry, and black currant. Medium to full-bodied on the palate, it delivers intense flavors that are already revealing some complexity…’ – Jay Miller, www.erobertparker.com

2008 “The Maitre D” Cabernet Sauvignon, $29
WA: 90 points
‘Opaque purple-colored with legs that ooze down the glass, it displays a reticent bouquet that with coaxing reveals wood smoke, violets, black currant and blackberry. This is followed by a full-bodied wine with a glossy texture, succulent fruit, and excellent concentration…’ – Jay Miller, www.erobertparker.com

2007 “The Blue-Eyed Boy” Shiraz, $75

WA: 95 points
WS: 92 points
‘Editor’s Most Exciting New Wines’
‘…an enticing nose of cedar, tobacco, mineral, blueberry, and black raspberry. Opulent on the palate, this glossy effort will evolve for another 1-2 years but can be enjoyed now and over the next decade…’ – Jay Miller, www.erobertparker.com